Day Three: Completed Kitty!

Sleepy Kitty

Including the time it took to take pictures of this little guy, I think I barely squeaked by in time for this to count as day three.  Tonight I finished this cat pillow to give my niece at her fourth birthday party tomorrow!  Having never made a stuffed animal quite like this one (though I made a similar owl, also from a tank top, a while back), I’ll admit there are things I’ll definitely do differently next time.  And since I promised a cat like this to someone else almost a year ago and still haven’t managed to deliver, I’ll be making another one sooner than later!  All of the embroidery was freehanded, which explains why things aren’t quite symmetrical.  Still, I think it gives each animal a distinct personality I’ve found to be lacking in a lot of store-bought toys.  The reverse applique for the eyes on the “awake” side of the face was by far the most challenging aspect of this project–at least the first eye was challenging.  By the time I got to the second eye I had a better handle on what I was doing, which is why the right eye looks so much better than the left.

Awake Kitty

A special note: this pillow was modeled after a cat pillow that belongs to my dear friend Melody.  She’s had hers since she was small, but I’m not sure exactly what it looked like originally because it’s been thoroughly loved over the years and doesn’t have much of a face left.  I can only hope this one is lucky enough to suffer a similar fate!

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3 responses to “Day Three: Completed Kitty!

  1. love it! the awake kitty was a surprise!

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  3. Melody

    It’s really a dream. You’ll have to tell me if she loved it. Or don’t. I know she will even if you don’t confirm that.

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