My Favorite New Way to Avoid School Work

Here's a little peek at my "craft night projects" board.

Lately I’ve been spending more time that I’m about to admit on Pinterest. Naturally, my favorite thing to do so far has been the collection of craft night ideas. I love hosting craft nights, but our biggest obstacle so far has been too much ambition and too little planning. I’m hoping the board I’ve created will help a bit with those, because if there’s one thing I need in my life right now it’s a nice, productive craft night.

Back to work! Hopefully I’ll have some awesome crafts to share with you soon.

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2 responses to “My Favorite New Way to Avoid School Work

  1. Dawn

    You’re right. Those dresses are beautiful!

  2. Sheila Marie

    I’ve become quite obsessed with “pinning” also! Especially since I’ve given up Facebook, it’s a nice outlet and much more productive than spying on my friends. :)

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