This week has been full of:

Look at all those spikes!

I’ve had my eye on this spooky-looking plant in my parents’ front yard for a while. It finally bloomed!

This flower looks like it might be carnivorous.

These pears make me think of big ol’ grapes.

The pear trees out front have been weighed down with these tiny, sweet pears for the last couple of weeks. The limbs were almost at the breaking point when I finally got out there to pick them.

Have you ever had a pear cake? If not, you’re missing out.

These spotty little apples are some of the sweetest I’ve ever tasted.

Thanks to my Nana and our neighbor, Granny, I’ve recently come into a lot of apples. There’s no way I could eat or bake them all into something, so I decided to can them. Come October when the four of us are 500 miles away and getting homesick, maybe pie made with these apples from home will make us feel better?

We’ve also got lots of figs.

Our neighbors and family members (the ones with the cows that Chowder and Maxine love to watch) have a couple of fig trees covered in figs they aren’t going to use. We couldn’t live with ourselves if we let all those beautiful figs go to waste!

We’re drowning in baby figs.

As well as big ass figs–this is not a pear.

We will more than likely be packing and moving next week, but hopefully I’ll still be able to share the sweet treats I’m making with all this beautiful fresh (and local, and free!) fruit.

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