Being a Grad Student is Hard Sometimes

As was probably made evident by my extended absence, all week I’ve been paying for the fun I had last weekend.  I’ve been barely treading water as far as work is concerned–I have two presentations and two essays to turn in next week, plus a stack of Comparison/Contrast essays to grade at some point (not one of my sixteen students has dropped, which is great but also means more work for me).  So this weekend will be spent in front of the computer, drinking more coffee than I probably should, and eating foldover peanut butter sandwiches.  I’m sure the upcoming week will be more relaxed, and we have Mardi Gras break coming up, so I’ll have some cool (and in no way related to school) things to share soon. Hopefully this cute picture of Chowder will make the wait a little more bearable (since I know you guys are hitting refresh every fifteen minutes and tearing your hair out in frustration over my lack of posts).

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