Diva Cup Guest Review at Turby & John

A picture of Dawn & me, because my only other option was a picture of a Diva Cup, and we are probably slightly more fun to look at.

When I find a product whose performance I’m truly happy with, I tend to gush about it. I have been accused of working for Netflix on more than one occasion, and I’ve talked several of my closest friends into joining Pinterest just so I can look at all of their favorite things. Currently, I’m raving about the Diva Cup—in fact, I haven’t shut up about it since I bought mine a few months ago. Dawn graciously allowed me to take over her blog yesterday for the sole purpose of professing my love for the Diva Cup. If you’re dissatisfied with your current menstrual product, interested in alternative menstrual products, or just like to read about periods, then be sure to check out my guest review of the Diva Cup over at Turby and John. However, if you’re at all squeamish about periods, then consider yourself warned (also: grow the hell up).

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