Just when it seemed like I’d given up on blogging altogether!

I know, I’m the worst. But Christmas is coming up, and I’ll be making pretty much every gift this year, and hopefully posting about them as well. Until then, here’s the abbreviated, Instagram version of the last month or so.

I am still perfecting my Bloody Mary recipe. Some things I’ve discovered: Anchovy and HFCS-free Worcestershire sauce are almost impossible to find. Spicy Hot V8 is always a good idea. Homemade pickled green beans are a million times better (and cheaper!) than store-bought.

Grapefruits are finally in season again, and I took a picture of the first one I picked and ate about a week ago. Fresh citrus is my favorite thing about living in Louisiana.

Maxine is my best little study buddy. Now that it’s finally cooling off here, we spend a lot of time reading in bed.

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