Factors to consider when choosing cat shelves

Cats are one of the most favorite pets in every family today. And cat owners are constantly looking for things to help cute cats play and have fun with. The cat likes to climb up, so they always choose high points in the house to lie or play. Not only does it endanger them, but it can also cause your household objects to accidentally touch and fall. To solve this problem and also satisfy the cat’s characteristics, manufacturers quickly created cat shelves. Have you heard of this furniture? This type of furniture is not only a place for cats to rest or play on high, but it also makes your home space more attractive and beautiful.

So, which factors should you consider before buying a cat shelf? In today’s article, I will present the criteria that you need to think before buying a cat shelf to be able to guarantee your quality and needs. I won’t make you wait any longer. Let’s find out now.


The first factor you should consider is whether the cat shelf is stable or not. As you know, cats prefer high positions because they feel safe. If your cat shelves are uncertain or unstable, your cats will not feel safe and will want to lie on it. Therefore, you must check the balance and sure of the shelf before buying it. The stability is based on many factors such as material, design, or style of the shelf. You need to consider the shelves carefully and meticulously.

Mounting to the wall or not

Many families do not want to spend much effort to set up and do not desire to damage the wall, they often choose the best cat shelves, which only have to stick to the wall. Although it will help you set up shelves faster, it will not be able to be used for long and may even be harmful to your cat. For example, those stains after a short time due to environmental impacts will make them lose the ability to stick, it will be able to fall at any time. If your cat is lying on it at that time, it would be very dangerous, right?

The best and most secure way is to buy a shelf that needs to be attached to the wall with nails. It can take a little effort, and you will be more secure when your lovely cats rest on it.


The next factor you need to consider is the design of the cat shelf. On the market today, there are many different cat shelves with a variety of colors, shapes, and materials. You can easily choose the type of shelf that you see best suits your needs and preferences. However, you need to consider some other aspects. For example, does your cat weight fit into the shelf? The shelves have a unique design such as just from a tree branch or a wooden stick, it hardly meets the weight of the cat. Besides, you need to pay attention to the distance of the holes when setting up the shelves. The most standard spacing between holes is from 16 to 16 to make your shelf most stable and balanced.


What is the most suitable length or size of a cat shelf? When it comes to the optimal length of any gadget, bigger is always better, right? The more space you provide to the shelf, the easier and easier your cat can climb. And especially they will be extremely happy. But you don’t necessarily have to buy the longest cat shelf on the market. It is not a good idea. You can buy many of the medium-sized shelves and put them on the wall in steps style. Your cat will be very excited about this arrangement.

Distance Between Shelves

Continue to discuss the issue of the distance between the shelves above. Next to the standard distance, you need to pay attention to many other aspects when you want to arrange many shelves for cats on the wall. Specifically, each type of cat has the characteristics of weight, height, and health very different. Therefore, you must make some adjustments based on your cat’s age and physical health.

Anti-Slip Shelf Coverings

A shelf made of metal or wood is not safe for your cat to climb. These materials can cause your cat to fall or become slippery when climbing a shelf. To solve this problem, I recommend that you need to equip carpets or fabrics for the shelves to prevent your cats from sliding off the shelves. Besides, there are some naughty cats that can scratch your fabric. To ensure you need to choose the most durable and quality fabric.

In conclusion

Above are some factors you need to consider before buying a cat shelf. I hope that you can rely on these criteria to be able to choose a quality cat shelf and best suits your needs. Finally, Thank you for taking the time to read through this article. Have a nice day.

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