My boy friend

Today I will tell you about my boyfriend.  My lover named Hung. He is 5 years older than me. He works as a carpenter. He and I have been in love for 5 years. I can’t forget the first day I met him. That day, my mother told me to bring a wooden box to the furniture store to repair. My mother’s box could not be opened. When I went into the store, I did not see the mechanic who normally repaired the furniture for my mother. I just saw a young man. He was using a hand saw to cut a log. His actions are extremely fast and professional. I started to judge this man. He is about 1m90 tall. I have never seen such a tall man. Moreover, he is extremely handsome with wet skin, solid arms, a balanced face. Its face is my favorite type. While I watched him not blinking my eyes(really embarrassed). He approached me and asked if I needed any help with a friendly smile. Oh my God. He looks very handsome when looking closely. He is like Song Joong ki my favorite actor. I kept looking at him like that for about 3 seconds. When He saw me not answer. He asked again. At that time, I realized and smiled shyly at him. I told him about the problem of the wooden box. After that, he took the box from me and started to find the cause. After about 3 minutes, looking carefully at the box. he found out the reason for not opening it. Cabinet lock is broken.

Before starting to fix. He took me a glass of water and told me to sit in the chair.(He is so kind)  First, he used a Marita drill to break the lock of the box. After that, he took another piece of wood to replace the discarded plate. Finally, he changed the new lock for my box. Time passed quickly, he had repaired the box for me. When I pay you, Because. I want to see him again. I asked him if he could teach me to make a wooden bookcase.  He was surprised to see me say that. But he was still willing to help me. He told me to read in Best woodworking books for beginners to learn about the previous carpentry. and told me that the next day he would start teaching me. That night, I tried the website what he told me. That page is great. It has a lot of useful things for beginners like me.

The next day I woke up very early. I chose the most beautiful dress in the closet to meet him. He taught me a lot about carpentry.  First, he gave me a small wooden board. He teaches me to use the Wood chisel to carve simple shapes. I want to make a rabbit. But I forever carved it into a fish. He looked at the product I made. Laughing and rubbing my head and saying: “No problem? You made it so beautiful”. Because of his comfort, I tried to do better.

The next day, he also taught me to use the Dewalt Drill. When I was trying to drill a piece of wood. suddenly it didn’t work. He made sure the bit of the drill was broken. He replaced me with another bit of the drill. He also taught me to use a hammer to frame the edges of the log together. We talk and get closer to each other. He told me that since he was young, he likes to take logs at home to do a lot of things like bookshelves, pen boxes, … I admire his passion. I can only follow him for about 5 days. Because next week I have to start the new semester.

The last day, when I prepared to greet him home with a sad face. I think it will be a long time before I can meet him. He told me to wait for him a bit. Then he ran into the store carrying a small box to give me. When I opened the box. I was surprised in the box is a wooden hair brooch. He also carved a butterfly with a hair brooch. The brooch is extremely beautiful, I had never seen anything so cute and unique like that. Especially, on the inside of the brooch. I saw a line of words “I Love You”. I was deeply touched. Turns out, he also likes me as I like him.

That’s all the story about my love. So cute, isn’t it? Why don’t you try a carpentry class? You can find the love of your life like me.

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